About us

Nanoscope is all about helping scientists communicate their research.

We provide high quality graphics to scientific researchers, including illustrations, animations and websites. We aim to make science accessible, making it easy for your peers, potential collaborators in other fields, and the general public to understand exactly what is important about the work you do.


But unlike any other graphic designer or illustrator, we understand science.


We can work from a written protocol or description, a quick hand sketch, or from a quick chat. We understand how important it is to get the details right - that's where having experience as a scientist makes the difference. Most importantly, we help you get your ideas across in the clearest way possible, freeing up time for you and your team to go and do the actual research.


Andrew Rodda started the company while completing his PhD in Materials Engineering. During this time, Andrew found himself spending hours making illustrations to communicate his research. Having experience with several professional software packages and an eye for a good layout, the results were impressive. Soon, his supervisors were commissioning illustrations for their own presentations and publications, and in late 2013, he started Nanoscope Scientific Graphics and Illustration, with the hope of improving cross-disciplinary communication and public engagement in science. Andrew's scientific expertise (and area of current research) is in Biomaterials, while he also has tertiary qualifications in areas as diverse as Mechatronics Engineering, Human Physiology and Applied Mathematics.

A small selection of illustrations can be viewed on our Gallery page. Please see our Services page for more information about the type of work we do, and contact us with any enquiries, to have a chat, or to request a free quote.

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